Monday, December 29, 2014

Hair Health | Anemia Damage | Growth Check 2

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Curlies!

Thank you for reading and following my blog!

My staple products have changed.  Here is my updated staples list...

Cleanser - Edens Body Works Cleansing Conditioner
Conditioner - DIY Coconut Milk Conditioner (recipe below)
Leave-in & Styler - DIY Shealoe butter (recipe below)
Other - Suave gel for smoothing edges

I am going to end 2014 with... 

  • a growth check on growing out my anemia damaged hair.
  • recipes for moisturizing and nourishing hair products.
  • a new flat twist out style.

Anemia Damaged Growth Check
From the picture below you can see that my hair is now half thick/healthy and half thin/damaged!

My original plan was to grow it out for 2 years and then cut off all the thin/damaged hair.  However, dealing with two textures is becoming too much.  I have lots to tangles, knots, and dryness.  I am going to my hair stylist in January and will ask her to cut off 1-2 inches or maybe if I am brave to cut half of the thin/damaged parts off.

DIY Shealoe Butter (by Alex of TheGoodHairBlog)
I made this cream and my hair loves it!  I use it for wash and go styles, twist outs, and lately a flat twist out.  I found the recipe on Pinterest.

The Perfect Natural Hair Cream- DIY!  
8 oz of raw natural Shea butter 
4 oz of raw coconut oil 
4 oz of Aloe Vera gel 
1 Tbs of jojoba oil 
1 Tbs of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 

This mix is one of my favorites to use on my hair for sealing in moisture, it also yields amazing twist outs.

The Perfect Natural Conditioner - DIY
4 oz coconut milk (from the can)
2 Tbs. honey

I apply to freshly washed hair hair a leave on for about 30 mintues.  I use my Hot Head cap to apply heat.

This leaves my hair soft and easy to detangle.  However, I am going to add coconut oil and olive oil next time for moisture during the winter.

Flat Twist Out
I finally tried a flat-twist twist out!  After cleasning and conditioning my hair, I applied my diy hair cream (recipe above) and made about 7 flat twists.  I got inspiration from a video by Afro Bang.

Overall, I love the how it turned out.  It took less time than a regular twist out!  I think this may be a staple for me especially with the two textures I have going on.

Thank you for reading!  Please continue to follow my natural hair journey!