Saturday, August 6, 2016

Natural Hair | The 5 day Wash & Go

Hey Curlies,

I tried the LOC method and it turns out I was able to rock a wash and go for five days!  Yes, I said five days!  In my excitement I did not take any pictures; I was too happy every morning when I "unplopped" my hair and my curls were still moisturized and defined!

Here's what I did after washing and conditioning my hair to achieve these results...

Before leaving the shower I applied my oil mix to my hair in four sections and bantu knotted each section.  My oil mix is equal parts olive and jojoba oil then a half part JBCO.

Once out of the shower I applied leave-in conditioner to each section and detangled.

Then I did my "Wash and Go Cheat" and made 10 large twists using flaxseed gel on each twist.

The next day I had amazing moisturized and defined hair.  I plopped at night using a satin/silk scarf and my curls were maintained for five days!

I currently have box braids that I did myself for the first time ever! Check them out!  

I will do the "Five day wash and go" when I take these down in few weeks and then document with pictures.  

Thanks for reading!