Sunday, February 19, 2017

Product Review | Bumble and Bumble

Hi Curly Ladies! was so kind to send me some products by Bumble and Bumble to try out and provide a review! My hair type is 4a/3c, fine, thick, with low porosity.

I received the following from the Bb.Curl line:
  • Custom Conditioner 
  • Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil
  • Conditioning Mousse
  • Curl Defining Creme
  • Pre-style/Re-style Primer

Custom Conditioner

This conditioner claims it can be used as a co-wash, rinse-out, or leave-in. 

Overall the conditioner has a nice light scent and medium thick consistency.
It applied easily and felt really light on my hair. Also, the conditioner rinsed out easily.

I used this a rinse-out and leave-in. For my hair type (4a) it was too thin and did not coat my hair enough to provide good slip for detangling. I did use it as a leave-in under the gel-oil.

As a co-wash it performed really well. My hair felt clean without being stripped.

Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

This product claims to provide the hold of a gel with the moisture of an oil.

Overall, the gel has a light scent and runny consistency similar to flax seed gel; a little goes a long way.

The gel applies easily and smoothed onto my hair well.

I applied this gel over the Bb.Curl custom conditioner as a leave-in. It did not provide much slip and was difficult to rake or finger-comb through my hair. It did provide good curl definition that lasted 3 days. 

However, my hair was really dry.

Conditioning Mousse

This mousse had nice scent and light.

The mousse applied easily gave my hair good volume and curl definition. I applied it on top the of Curly Defining Creme.

However, it left my hair really dry.

Curl Defining Creme

The Curl Defining Creme has a light creamy consistency and light scent.

I used this after I applied Custom Conditioner as a leave-in. It applied easily and provided minimal slip.  I felt that it soaked into my hair well. I then applied the mousse as well.

My hair had good curl definition but was really dry.

Pre-style/Re-style Primer

This spray has a light scent and absorbs quickly.

I sprayed this on my hair at night before I put it up in a pineapple and my hair was soft the next day with curl definition intact.

Worked the same as combining your favorite conditioner and aloe vera juice or water.

Overall, these products were not bad; they just did not work well with my hair. They were not moisturizing enough for my curls. My mom even noticed my hair was dry, dull, and not as shining compared to other products I have used. I believe they will work for someone with looser curls.

Thanks for reading!