Monday, May 30, 2016

Natural Hair | "Cheat" a Wash and Go!

Hey Curlies,

I have a really quick new style/routine that I am loving.  I call it a "cheat" wash and go.

I really like the wash and go but the shrinkage is for REAL! 

Wash and Go!  Major shrinkage!
So I have figured out how to "cheat" a wash and go.  I discovered that when I do large chunky twists, I get a stretched wash and go (curls) instead of the waves/crimps of a twist-out.  I have to do small twists to really get the twist-out style.  Most times I am lazy so the large twists work for me.

Here's my routine/steps:
  1. Shampoo or Co-wash
  2. Deep condition with steam
  3. Apply leave-in before leaving the shower and plop hair with a t-shirt.
  4. Once out of the shower, section into at most 7-8 sections.
  5. Apply styling creme and sealing oil to each section. Twist.
  6. Allow to dry overnight and then untwist, fluff, and go

I know to some you will call this a chunky twist out but for me it just elongates my curls, doesn't look like a twist out at all.  It's a way for me to get the wash and go with out all the shrinkage. Score!

Here is my hair twisted:

At night I either pineapple my hair and tie up in a satin scarf or I will put it into two braids.  The next morning I just fluff and go. This style will last me for a full week!

Thanks for reading!