Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flax Seed Gel Twist Out

Hi Curlies,

Another week and another hair style :)

I decided to try making some flax seed gel and do a twist out. 

Organic Coconut oil - de-tangle and prepoo
Tresemme Naturals - cowash and leave-in
Flax Seed Gel - Styler

Here's a video on how to make the flax seed gel.  I bought my flax seeds from H.E.B (grocery store) in the bulk natural section.

After co-washing my hair, I applied leave-in and flax seed gel in sections then put my hair into about 12 twists and allowed it air dry overnight.  My hair turned out really soft, shiny, and the style held for 4 days!  By day 3 I had a little frizz in the crown, but my hair always does that.

Overall, I love the gel!  Great hold and yet my hair was soft and touchable!