Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brrr....Keeping Your Curls Moisturized in the Winter

Happy New Year Curlies!

I am sure you have read and can attest to how dry cold air and indoor heat can dry out your tresses in the winter.  Many ladies turn to protective styles for the winter.  I have not found a protective style that I like that much so I continue to wear my hair out with wash and gos, twist outs, braid outs, and etc.  I have found that the LCO method has helped me to maintain soft moisturized hair during this winter.  

LCO stands for...
L - liquid - usually water and/or Aloe Vera juice
C - cream - styling cream or butter
O - oil - sealant

Here is my weekly winter routine...
  1. Separate hair into four sections or more depending on your hair's thickness.  Apply coconut oil generously to each section and twist or put into Bantu knot.  Leave on for 30 to overnight.
  2. On each section do to the following...
    • spritz with a 3 to 1 mixture of ACV (water and apple cider vinegar)
    • apply a dollop moisturizing conditioner and carefully begin to detangle the ends
    • apply 2nd dollop of moisturizing conditioner and continue to finger detangle up the section.
    • apply a 3rd dollop of moisturizing conditioner and finger detangle more.
    • apply a penetrating oil, like olive oil or more coconut oil.
    • twist or Bantu know out of the way.
  3. In the shower rinse each section.  You may use a no sulfate cleanser if you want.  Many times my hair is squeaky so I don't use a cleanser.  I use a cleanser about every 4 weeks.
  4. Apply cold Aloe Vera juice and a little oil to each section.  Re-twist or Bantu knot.
  5. Once out the shower, blot dry each section with an old t-shirt and apply Shea moisture curl enhancing cream, comb with wide-tooth comb, then apply my oil mix.
  6. At this point...
    • I either plop with an old t-shirt for about an hour and then let air dry for wash and go.
    • Or, put my hair into 10-12 twists or braids for twist out or braid out.
  7. That's it folks!
This routine was inspired by SunKissAlba and Naptural85.  Here are their videos...

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Product Review: Shea Moisture

Hi Curlies,

I am currently using the Shea Moisture line of natural hair products.  First I must say this is the only line where I am pleased with more than one product in the line.  Also I am impressed with amount of natural ingredients in their products and are actually in the top 5 of the ingredient list.  

In this review I will go through the products in the order that I use them.  I will also list the first 4 ingredients because ingredients are listed in order of volume.  Meaning if water is the first ingredient then product has more water than any other ingredient.  

Deep Treatment Masque

Product Image

First 5 Ingredients - Deionized water, shea butter, argan oil, vegetable glycerin

How I use it - Apply to damp hair in four sections as a pre-poo treatment.  Allow penetrate for 15 - 30 minutes then de-tangle.

Results - Soft, easy to de-tangle hair.  Very moisturizing.  I tried using it after I washed my hair and I did not get the same results as when I use it a pre-poo treatment.

Moisture Retention Shampoo
 First 5 IngredientsDeionized water, sugar beets, shea butter, aloe vera juice

How I use it - Apply to wet hair in shower and work mainly at my roots and smooth down the remainder of my hair.  Rinse.

Results - Squeaky clean hair.  A little bit dry.

Restorative Conditioner

First 5 Ingredients - Deionized water, shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil

How I use it - Apply to wet hair in shower in 4 sections.  Let it sit during my shower. Sometimes I rinse; however most times I leave it in.

Results - Soft, moisturized hair with a light airy scent.

Curl Enhancing Smoothie

First 5 Ingredients - Deionized water, shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia seed oil

How I use it - Apply generous amount to damp hair in 4 sections.  Allow hair to air dry or diffuse.  
For a twist out, I put my hair in 6 - 7 twists and allow to air dry.

Results - Soft, shiny and moisturized curls!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Video Tutorial: 2013 Twist-out

Hi Curlies,

Here's the step by step process of how I got my amazing twist out!  Thanks for watching!  Thank you for subscribing to me on YouTube and my blog!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hair and Body Oil Mix

Hair and Body Oil Mix
Hi Curlies,
The oil mixture I use to seal my hair, I got from naptural85.  Here's the recipe....

My Amazing Twistout

My Amazing Twistout 

Hello Curlies!

Here's what I did to create the look in my video.

1.  Finger detangle with coconut oil and water.

2.  Apply Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask in four sections.  Leave on hair for 30 - 45 minutes.

3.  Shampoo with Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo only once.

4.  Apply oil to each section.

5.  Apply Shea Moisture conditioner to each section.

6.  Once out of the shower, detangle again using a denman brush this time.

7.  Apply styler, suave mousse, all over.

8.  Put hair into 6 - 7 large twists.  Three in the back at the nape.  One on each side and 1 or 2 in the crown.

9.  Allow to air dry.  Then untwist and style.