Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hair Health | Anemia Damage | Growth Check 3 & Hair cut!

Hello Curlies!

Thank you for reading and following my blog!

My staple products have changed.  Here is my updated staples list...

PrePoo Overnight Hot Oil Treatment
Cleanser - Edens Body Works Cleansing Conditioner
Conditioner - Tressemme Naturals
Leave-in - Edens Body Works Coconut Shea
Styler - DIY Shealoe butter (recipe below)
Other - Suave gel for smoothing edges

This my first growth/progress check for 2015.  Here's what's in store... 

  • a growth check on growing out my anemia damaged hair.
  • recipes for moisturizing and nourishing hair products.
  • NEW cut!

Anemia Damaged Growth Check
My original plan was to grow it out for 2 years and then cut off all the thin/damaged hair.  However, dealing with two textures is becoming too much.  I have lots to tangles, knots, and dryness.  

Well folks, I cut about 2-3 inches of the damaged hair.  Well I did not cut it; I went to my stylist.  I wanted to cut all the damaged but she advised we do it in small steps and then add layers once all the damage hair is gone.

DIY Shealoe Butter (by Alex of TheGoodHairBlog)
I made this cream and my hair loves it!  I use it for wash and go styles, twist outs, and lately a flat twist out.  I found the recipe on Pinterest.

The Perfect Natural Hair Cream- DIY!  
8 oz of raw natural Shea butter 
4 oz of raw coconut oil 
4 oz of Aloe Vera gel 
1 Tbs of jojoba oil 
1 Tbs of Castor Oil. 

This mix is one of my favorites to use on my hair for sealing in moisture, it also yields amazing twist outs.

New Haircut!
So here is my new shorter hair and I am loving it!  It's amazing how holding on to damaged ends for length is actually counter productive.  I am ready to cut more but at the advise of my mom and stylist...I'll be patient :-) 

I do not like this picture but here goes...

Thank you for reading!  Please continue to follow my natural hair journey!  More and better pictures to come!


  1. Your hair looks incredible already!!! :)
    First of all, THANKS for documenting your journey, I always find transitioning websites about heat damage or relaxers, I thought I was alone recovering my hair from anemia.

    I am recovering a really serious loss of hair pattern (from 3c hair to 2c texture).
    I started noticing that my hair wasn't growing curly anymore at 18 and I really didn't know why that was happening, until ramdomly I got a test blood that said my levels of iron were insanely low... Last summer, some litle curls started to grow from my scalp again (the rest of my hair was already completely limp), and I was so happy, it was a miracle!

    Now I feel like I am transitioning without intending to, I have 2 inches of curls. Sometimes I am afraid because I start thinking that it could happen again in the middle of my transition, or that I will never be able to achieve my full curlie head again :( But this blog inspires me. I am 21 now.

    1. Hi Adler!

      Thanks for reading my blog! Glad it is helpful! That's what was going for...I felt alone too. As long as your iron levels remain normal your hair will continue to grow in curly and healthy. It's been almost 2 years for me. I went from 3c/4a to 3b when it was damaged. In August I'm "big chopping" off all the damaged hair and I can't wait. I didn't realize how much I love my curls until they were almost gone.

      THANK YOU for reading! You inspire me! Keep me posted on your progress!