Friday, January 1, 2016

Hair Health | Anemia Damage Gone!

Happy New Year Curlies!

Thank you for reading and following my blog!

My staple products have changed.  Here is my updated staples list.  I use mainly products by Edens Body Works

Cleanser - 
Edens Body Works Cleansing Conditioner

Conditioner - 
Edens Body Works Coconut Shea Hair Mask

Leave-in - 
Edens Body Works Coconut Shea

Stylers - 
I use Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme when I want a strong hold.  This won't leave you hair crunchy either.
I use Cocount Shea Pudding Souffle when I want big fluffy hair.  This leaves has a soft hold and pairs well with the leave in.  The leave-in with the defining creme is a bit too heavy for my hair.

I have been lax on pre-pooing but think I will go back to using coconut oil.

I have tried steaming with my deep conditioner and I LOVE it! My hair is so soft and easy to detangle afterwards.  I believe the steaming really helps the product to penetrate may hair better.  I do not have a steamer; I use MissT1806 method of with a shower cap, a turbin, and my bonnet dryer.  You can watch her video here:

Anemia Damaged Gone!

So I cut off all of he anemia damaged ends off in August! Woohoo! Yes, it's been awhile since I posted.  I don't why I didn't cut it all off earlier I am so much happier and my curls are springy! I will be honest that my hair doesn't seem to be as thick I as I remembered it to be before the anemia hit. However it seems to be growing pretty fast, I need a trim already!  Here are some different styles I have been wearing...

Damaged ends cut off and twists!
First twist out after cutting damage off!
Very defined twist-out using Edens curls defining creme
Wash and go with Edens curling defining creme.
Can you say shrinkage!
Stretched twist-out with Edens Souffle

Thank you for reading!  Please continue to follow my natural hair journey!  More updates and posts to come in the new year!


  1. Hi there! I want to thank you for documenting your experience. I recently found out I am anemic and prediabetic, but by the time I went to the doctor it was too late for my hair. It started shedding over a year ago and since has turned a brownish red color and lost all curl definition. I've gone from springy curls to lifeless, limp, dry, crunchy hair. I told my husband I wanted to just big chop again because I can't see this hair being restored. Needless to say, he thinks I should wait a few months for my new diet and the iron supplements to work.

    Thanks for showing me it's doable and providing tips on hair products and regimens.


    1. Hi Tamera!

      Thank you for reading my blog and I truly hope it is encouraging and helpful to you! That's the reason why I started to document my journey back to healthy hair. You are very welcome! :-)

      I wanted to chop mine off and start over as well; still kind of wish I did instead of dealing with 2 textures. But whatever you choose it will take a lot of patience!

      I am going to start taking hair, skin, and nail vitamins as well. You may want to check with your doctor first if you think about taking any.

      I still want my hair to be thicker so I've been looking into using castor oil and/or caster oil mixes. I've found these helpful videos about growing your hair:

      If you are on facebook please follow my page, Beauty by Anjoli, as I tend to post updates on their faster than on here.

      You are welcome and thanks again!